How do you use essential oils for emotional wellness and self-care?

It’s way simpler than you may think and, I promise, can leave you feeling whole lot better than the chocolate + wine + Netflix routine. Testify? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Let’s talk about all the feels

Big feels, little feels, sad feels, mad feels, you name it. See, no matter your age or stage, the truth is we can all get overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. One of the coolest parts of using essential oils as a tool for emotional support is the versatility. Whether it’s a toddler tantrum or a mommy meltdown, the body and brain react consistently and predictably to aromatherapy. More on that coming up.

I have a huge caveat to put right here…

Young Living is the only brand of essential oils we’re chatting about here. The cheaper stuff is cheaper for a reason, usually because it’s filled with all sorts of not-oil components. Young Living, however, has been leading the industry for 25 years and its standards are rigorous, exacting, and uncompromised.

Seed to Seal is Young Living’s quality commitment to its millions of members around the world. It’s a process that you can take part in and witness firsthand at any of the global farms, and a truly unique internal standard that keeps Young Living the world leader in essential oils.

“Why insist on these demanding, expensive practices? Because for Young Living, the big picture doesn’t have much to do with the bottom line. We’re driven to make the world a better place by sharing the benefits of pure essential oils. If we’re not bringing families authentic quality, we’re not bringing them authentic benefits.” http://seedtoseal.com

For more on the standards, check out this Seed to Seal video tour with Jared Turner.

Y’all, I’m no doctor, ok?

I am a wife and mom that has seen HUGE emotional support since intentionally essential oils for self care. The ups and downs are leveled out. I feel capable and in control of the tools we use for our family’s mental health. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. 🙌🏼

A couple safety notes before we dive in. There are 3 ways to use essential oils – aromatically, topically, and internally as a dietary supplement. Don’t worry, each bottle is labeled with exact instructions!

For emotional support, the primary use is aromatic – we’ll talk about why that is true coming up. And, be on the lookout for all these topics ahead…

WHY use oils for emotions?
WHO should use oils for emotions?
HOW do you use oils for emotions?
WHEN do you use oils for emotions?
WHAT oils are for emotional support?


22 seconds, that’s why.
We are fascinating creatures designed with 5 senses to help us understand our experience of the world around us. Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, and Smell. Impulses that trigger the first four of those interact with our logical brain before it interacts with our emotional brain.

You see a baby, you think, “baby”.
You hear a baby cry, you think “baby cry”.  

But, our sense of smell is completely different. Impulses that trigger our sense of smell interact with our emotional brain and THEN our logical brain. Scent is powerful and automatic. You know this instinctively – smell a familiar aroma and be instantly transported in your memory. Smell a displeasing aroma and be instantly repulsed. This heightened emotion related to our sense of smell is actually a piece of our survival mechanism. Eating rotten food would be dangerous to us. And, even more primitive, think the predator/prey relationship. The rabbit’s survival mechanism kicks into high gear when it smells and senses a predator nearby. What survival mechanism is that? The amygdala.

The amygdala is the part of your brain responsible for fight/flight/freeze. It is constantly surveying the landscape, looking for danger. It’s the alarm system of the brain, the smoke detector whose ONE job is to signal danger.

The hippocampus, right nearby within the limbic system, is the part of your brain involved in memory formation, long term-memory storage, and emotional charge of those memories. It’s responsible for determining “Have we been here before?”

We know that aromatherapy has long demonstrated a benefit to the human body. Whether for alerting or calming, it is well-established that aromatherapy can create mood shifts for users.

Inhaling an essential oil impacts the limbic system with 22 seconds. Within 2 minutes, those molecules are found in the bloodstream. And within 20 minutes, every cell in your body (around 40 trillion of them) has been impacted by the microscopic molecules (around 40 million trillion) within a single drop of essential oil.


Everyone. Everyone has emotions. There are ups and downs of life, difficult transitions, anxious times, sad times, angry times, you name it.

Children. Teens. Adults. Parents. Elderly.  Literally everyone can benefit from the gentle, non-invasive, intentional use of pure essential oils for emotional support.

There isn’t a day that goes by I’m not diffusing, rolling on, or otherwise takin’ some big whiffs of my essential oils. As a work-at-home mom, there are days when I feel out of sorts, unfocused, or unaccomplished. That’s when patience wears out and my fuse gets shorter 😤 It’s not pretty, y’all. And, more than once in the midst of a mommy meltdown, my preschooler has handed me the Stress Away Roller 😬😭 Kid knows what works! 😂

Even though in that moment I’m frustrated, I’m also so grateful. I have the tools. And, miracle of miracles, my child is learning how to use the tools too! What a gift to teach him how to positively cope with and manage his emotions. In a culture that doesn’t value self-control, this simple life skill will shape his character for years to come.

Are you already thinking of moments you know you can use these tools?


Smell it.
No, seriously.

That’s it. Take a BIG inhalation and don’t fight the process. If you sense yourself calming, great. If you sense yourself getting more agitated, notice why that could be – what emotions or memories is the scent stirring up in you? Process them as you’re able. If it’s intense, just keep breathing through and don’t be afraid to reach out for help from a friend or even a professional.


Early and often. Just as you might use essential oils to assist with everyday wellness concerns, it’s a good idea to take a look at what emotional wellness concerns you could address with essential oils. Are you in a high-stress career? Are you prone to certain types of negative emotions? Do you have difficulties communicating your needs or emotions to others?

Honestly, when you can take preemptive action it’s best. But, that’s not always reality, right? A lot of times we don’t realize it until we’re in the midst of the struggle. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Still, just like you would take your car in for an oil change and yourself in for a checkup, it’s a good idea to take stock of your emotional health. Be honest with yourself about what small changes you could make that have the potential for huge impact. Value yourself enough to do an honest assessment and take action.

You will also benefit by using essential oils with intentionality during times of emotional crisis (Aroma Freedom Technique). Sometimes it’s just a matter of resetting your emotional state and shifting your attention back to the present moment. In those instances, the Aroma Freedom Technique can be very helpful.


Here’s the big secret about essential oils and emotional health.  Ready? It’s a doozy.

EVERY one of Young Living’s essential oils has an emotional component. Yep. Every one.

Now, specific blends are useful for specialized concerns, of course. And, there are hundreds of essential oils and blends in the Young Living catalog. But, the fact remains that when used with specific intention, ANY essential oil can help balance emotions.

And, because every person is SO different, there’s no one-size-fits-all for essential oil usage. The oil or blend that relaxes me, may make you feel wired and energized, and vice versa. We have all had varied emotional experiences that play into our body’s emotional reaction to particular scents. Keep that in mind as you’re experimenting.

Remember, any essential oil has an emotional component, but there are several in particular that are PERFECT for starting out. Let’s chat about my favorites, ok? They’re all a part of a set Young Living calls the Premium Starter Kit, and they’re each stellar for physical AND emotional wellness!


Lavender is known worldwide for its calming benefits and a large number of research studies have shown advantages for emotional health for those who use Lavender. Core emotional difficulties like abandonment and criticism can be soothed with intentionally using Lavender for its calming emotional benefits.

Frankincense is steam distilled from the resin of the Boswellia Tree. [Here’s a good rule of thumb for you: oils that come from trees are GROUNDING. Think tree. Think rooted to the earth. Think deep strength and fortitude.] The beautiful scent of frankincense is very helpful for emotional and spiritual health and is used the world over in meditation and prayer rituals.

Stress Away is an oil blend specific to Young Living that contains Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender. Delightfully relaxing, this blend is very calming for nervous tension. Copaiba and Cedarwood are both tree oils like I mentioned earlier. Lime and Vanilla are uplifting and familiar aromas that stimulate the mind and refresh the spirits. And, Ocotea is a unique oil that has physical balancing benefits and serves a similar emotional purpose with restoring harmony and balance under pressure.


Lemon is also a very useful single oil for emotional support. It’s included in the Starter Kit in the Vitality labeling. You should know, there is only one difference between oils labeled “Vitality” and those labeled as “Essential Oil”.  What’s the difference? The label. The difference in labeling allows us to speak more freely about the varied uses of essential oils (aromatically, topically, internally). But, that’s the only difference! The contents of the two bottles are identical.

Back to the topic at hand, the emotional benefits of Lemon aren’t really difficult to imagine. Bright, happy, pretty-smelling? Um, yeah! Total mood uplifter, right? Feelings of frustration and stuck-ness can be improved by utilizing an uplifting essential oil such as Lemon.

Similarly, Raven is an oil blend that can assist with clearing feelings of sadness and grief. Raven contains a number of comforting oils that assist with easier breathing like eucalyptus, peppermint, and ravintsara. They uplift the senses and can help snap you out of a funky mood in a matter of moments when used aromatically with the intention of emotional uplifting.

Citrus Fresh is a cleansing essential oil that can assist with cleansing negative emotions. Anger, loneliness, rejection, negativity, all the yuck that you wouldn’t want hanging out at your house – that’s the type of thing that Citrus Fresh can help clear emotionally. Applied to the VitaFlex points on the hands or feet, there is tremendous emotional benefit from this unassuming little bottle.


Valor was recently added back to the starter kit and that’s kind of a big deal! It is a truly unmatched blend for promoting courage and strength and helping you do the hard things instead of shrinking back in fear. It can help with emotional balancing and maintaining mindfulness (staying in the present moment without projecting to the past or future). It’s prediluted and ready to use for everyone in the family.

Peace & Calming was also just added back into the starter kit and it brought just as many praise hands with it as Valor. It’s so easy to get agitated, right? It’s easier for our human nature to be worried and stressed rather than peaceful and calm. This essential oil is game-changing for emotions. It’s deeply relaxing for the body and mind – helping you center your awareness and quiet your heart. It is literally for ALL ages.


Ever wanted to face your fears with a boost of energy? Whether it’s fearing failure or fearing success, Peppermint essential oil can stimulate you to overcome those fears when used aromatically! What about feeling restricted in your thoughts or emotions? Peppermint can also help you expand your mind to think creatively and discover new beliefs. [Vitality version included in the PSK, but remember what I said about the difference? Yep, the label.]

PanAway blend is typically touted for its muscle-recovery benefits – which is absolutely a fantastic way to use it. But, think of the emotional side of fatigue and physical exhaustion. There is a mental and emotional component that can affect our day to day and keep us feeling drained. Use PanAway to rejuvenate your emotions when you’re feeling exhausted or drained from the day, or from life in general. Experience a sense of release and freedom that comes with caring for your own emotional needs.


Another oil that is a dietary supplement that actually helps with emotional wellness is DiGize Vitality. This may surprise you, but your digestive system has an enormous impact on your overall emotional health. Did you know that 90% of the body’s serotonin is created in the digestive system? It’s called your second brain – and for good reason. In fetal development, the brain and digestive system start out as one and as they split, they are both considered to be the nervous system. These two parts of he body are in constant communication with each other! So, keeping your digestive system in optimal health is one of the first and best ways to support overall emotional wellness! DiGize Vitality is a fantastic daily supplement to help you do that.

Finally, Thieves is a Young Living staple that our home is never without. Physical benefits abound, particularly for the strength of the immune system (the Vitality version is included in the Premium Starter Kit).

But, think about the emotional benefits of immune health. If you’re experiencing a weakened immune system, NOTHING is certain. You feel all out of sorts and lost, not sure which end is up. However, just as you can use the appropriate Vitality oil to benefit your body systems, you can also experience the aromatic emotional benefit that comes from feeling settled or sure. There’s even an entire line of products that has the Thieves oil infused in it – everything from household cleaner to hand soap.


So ALL of these essential oils are included in what Young Living calls the Premium Starter Kit. Plus, you get the diffuser of your choice, which is a fantastic way to enjoy the aromatic and emotional benefits of essential oils for your entire family!

The Premium Starter Kit is how I got started and began seeing both the physical and emotional benefits of essential oils. I can’t speak highly enough of this company, their processes, their integrity, and their quality. Young Living is the ONLY company I trust in this area because they have shown, time and again, they really do care so much more about the purity and quality than they do the money.

Let’s get these little bottles with the big benefits in YOUR home so you can start experiencing the physical and emotional wellness that can be yours.

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So, as you can tell, my relationship with Young Living goes well beyond essential oils. We’re “involved.” Things are pretty serious. These aren’t just bottles I open up occasionally, when I’m having trouble. These bottles are everywhere  in my home. Literally. Everywhere. 😂

There are a wealth of toxins that I have switched out too, primarily thanks to my partnership with Young Living and their loyalty program, Essential Rewards. Household cleaners, dish soap, personal care products like shampoos and lotions, even makeup – there is honestly NO product that I’ve tried from them that I didn’t completely fall head over heels for.

I used to order haphazardly, whenever I ran out of something. And, because I was and am using these oils and products everyday for our whole family, I found myself wasting time and money by not ordering smart. Enter, Essential Rewards…. AHHH!!

Essential Rewards solved so many problems for me! I can plan ahead and see what I need and combine everything into one easy-to-manage box that is more flexible than even Amazon with its simplicity. And, with the new YL Go or YL Go+ subscription options it is literally as awesome as it gets. Plus, I get WAY more excited when I see my monthly Young Living box than I do my Amazon box. Oils are always more exciting than paper towels.

So, to SAVE YOU this blunder, I now share about Essential Rewards unashamedly because, well, you need to know about it! You are totally going to love being a part of the Young Living family as much as I do and I want you to dive in with the benefits and savings of Essential Rewards right away.

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