I Got a Feelin’

As a psychotherapist, I saw MANY patients who were miserable, but completely unwilling to do anything about it. Every solution was met with a negative mindset. Nothing worked because they fundamentally didn’t WANT it to – they were comfortable in their dysfunction.

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. How often do we get stuck in patterns we find it so difficult to break free of? Trying new things is challenging – forces us out of our comfort zone and that’s, well, uncomfortable. Take, for example, food. Our dinner menu is on a standard rotation of family favorites. When we go to our favorite date night spot, I inevitably get the same dish. At some point it becomes “just what we do”. We are creatures of habit – so are you. (This actually serves a purpose as well, especially as it relates to fidelity and loyalty. The restless need for something different or novel to maintain attention is another problem entirely – but, I digress.)

So, I KNOW that you’re not one of those “stuck in your dysfunction” people. You’re FAR too awesome for that nonsense. You know that nothing is going to be different unless you take decisive action. Do the work. Change the mindset. Confront the demons of the past. Move forward.

Enter, the Feelings Kit. When you’re ready to do the work, the Feelings Kit is a phenomenal tool for helping you achieve emotional harmony and empowerment.

OTE - Feelings Kit

Available exclusively through Young Living, this Kit is currently priced at $181.00 for wholesale members. If you’re not yet a wholesale member, we should fix that IMMEDIATELY, friend. You’re going to contact the person who directed you to this site to get yourself hooked up. Or, if you found me on your own, you’re going to hop over to the link here and get in touch with me. Then, we can personalize your perfect blueprints for emotional remodel.

Hungry for more info on The Feelings Kit and how to apply the oils? Check out the video link below!

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