Emotional Harmony: Quick Start Guide

We all have emotions we are prone to. My go-to emotion over the years has been anxiousness, which has its root in fear. My motto? When in doubt, PANIC.

A lot has changed since I began using essential oils to calm my high-stress, high-strung, emotional states. I’m now more confident that the action of the essential oil (I get mine here) will work each and every time to achieve harmony in my body, mind, and spirit.

Below is a little Quick Start Guide I created with some ideas of blends you can use when facing common emotions. The most important part of using essential oils for emotions is INTENTIONALITY. You can’t just slap Joy™ on yourself and change your mood IF you are still dead-set on having an unhappy attitude. It’s not a pill or a magic potion. It’s a tool. In the right hands, with the right willingness to learn, these are tools that can completely transform your emotional life.

Quick Start Guide_ Emotional Harmony Using Essenti.jpg

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