Calming Kids Wacky Emotions

Let’s be real – kids can have some wacky and downright mystifying emotions at times. As we parent these little people with feelings and opinions all their own, it can drive us to the point of exhaustion without the tools to manage the ups and downs of day to day.

Here are a few of my favorite tools for calming kids wacky emotions:

  • Lavender – the everything oil
  • Frankincense – the everything you can do I can do better oil
  • Stress Away – the oil of moms everywhere, the song of my people
  • Peace and Calming – the oil of chill, dude, chill
  • Valor – the oil of courage
  • Joy – the oil of the happy heart
  • Harmony – the oil of siblings

Tell me, friends. Which of these fabulous tools do YOU go-to most in your toolbox?

GASP! You don’t have oils yet?! Let’s remedy that forthwith, okay? Connect with me here to get yours and create your customized emotional toolkit!

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