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Activity: Color a page in a coloring book. Give yourself time and enjoy the process of creating something beautiful.

Oil: Diffuse Inner Child, Joy, or Stress Away as you focus on this artistic activity, Scripture passage, and discussion.

What Is “Adult Coloring”?

Check out what this Psychologist turned Huffington Post Guest Blogger has to say about the emotional and mental benefits for adults who use coloring as a simple relaxation technique,


1) It can help the individual focus on the act of coloring intricate pictures for hours on end, vs. focusing on intrusive and troubling thoughts.

2) The time and focus that adult coloring takes helps the individual remove the focus from the negative issues and habits, and focus them in a safe and productive way.

3) These activities can help tremendously with individuals with PTSD, anxiety, and stress issues, as they calm down our amygdala.

4) Coloring also brings us back to a simpler time.

5) It utilizes areas of the brain that enhance focus and concentration. It also helps with problem solving and organizational skills.

6) Coloring utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, right and left.

7) This is another method of practicing mindfulness, which has therapeutic and health benefits.

What Does Scripture Say?

Psalm 23:1-4 – The Lord is my shepherd. He gives me everything I need. He lets me lie down in fields of green grass. He leads me beside quiet waters. He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths for the honor of his name. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid. You are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff comfort me.

Like a well-cared for lamb, we are intimately cared for by our Great Shepherd. He gives us rest and leads us in peace. Sheep don’t worry about their life – they trust their shepherd. Similarly, children have few worries in their innocence, which is as it should be – they trust their parents. But, what of me? Do I trust my Shepherd? Do I trust my Father? Do I believe that in Him “I have all that I need”?

Or, does it feel like a “darkest valley” time right now? There in the valley, the temptation to fear is great. And, yet, the Psalmist recalls he is not alone in that valley. And, friend, neither are you. You may be thinking, as you’re coloring within the lines of this activity, how controlled this is. “That’s all nice in theory,” you say to yourself. “But, you don’t understand what I’m going through.”

You’re right. I don’t.

He does.

And, he invites you to step out of the darkness and into a world of bright, beautiful technicolor.

God created a rainbow of colors, beautiful and magnificent, for his glory and for our enjoyment. As God created the world he made it FULL of beauty – green meadows, colorful animals, fragrant plants, and peaceful streams. Aren’t you glad he made our world so beautiful?! The skies declare his majesty with each sunrise and sunset. He is a God who enjoys beauty.

But, what of the darkest valley? What of our own brokenness and fear? What of the “broken crayons” so to speak?

Does God use that? Can we be used even through our brokenness and imperfections? Our peeled paper and dulled edges?

Ah, yes, friend. For He is a God of Redemption. He makes beautiful things out of nothingness. He restores Life where Death once reigned. Oh, friends. There is nothing so broken that Christ cannot make new.

What Will You Do?

Be comforted as you create your masterpiece today. There is no competition, no one is keeping score. This is for your enjoyment and relaxation!

Share your experiences. Did you find this to be a calming exercise, or did your perfectionism cause you to stress? Did you get pulled away by the stuff of life (toddlers wait for no man)? Or, did you peacefully work until you were content? Notice what happens. Share with us here.

At a loss for where to get coloring sheets? Check these out – https://www.art-is-fun.com/free-adult-coloring-pages/

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