Activity: Ten minutes of meditation and prayer.

Oil: Frankincense

What is Meditation from a Christian Worldview?

Nobody panic. There is one enormous difference between “meditate” from a Christian perspective and “meditate” from an Eastern perspective.

The source.

As a believer, my meditation is on the law of the Lord, his Truth, his Wisdom, his Character. When I intentionally focus on those things, not emptying my mind, but instead filling it with Christ, I am changed from the inside out.

What Does Scripture Say?

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

Stillness is a struggle for many of us. Anxiousness stirs in our heart and fear urges movement that keeps us afar from the peace of God.

I’m leaning this lesson this morning as well. Just moments ago, aslip of the thumb and the work I had completed for this days lesson was gone in an instant – irretrievably. My son saw the look of utter dismay and panic on my face and I had a choice. His own emotions are deeply tied to my own – when he senses my fear, his is amplified. Thoughts of having to redo all that I had accomplished swirled through my mind and the LAST thing I wanted to do was be still.

“Get up! Move! Ugh!! I can’t believe this! No no no no no NO!!!”

Then, eyes closed. Stillness. Breathing in the scent of Christ and filling that moment with his Truth.

“Be still. The plans of the Lord are better. He has other lessons for you to learn. This is another chance for you to lean on him and delight in his grace.”

What Will You Do?

I hope today you take the time to pray and meditate on the Word of God.

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