DAY 13


Activity: Intentional meditation and prayer. In addition to your time at worship services, carve out time today to rest, be still, and hear the voice of the Lord.

Oils: Frankincense or Sacred Sandalwood. Use whatever oils you are drawn to at the moment. Today I used Humility.

Why Pray?

In going to the Lord in prayer, we find the only real antidote to worry and fear: love. His perfect love casts out our fear (we’ll be focusing on that verse later this week). With my eyes on the world, I worry about everything. What if…? How can…? Where will…? When will…? Who…? Why is…? A hundred questions fill my head and I can easily go down the spiral of worry and fear when my eyes are on my own abilities.

Prayer takes my focus away from myself and puts it where peace can reign. It can be well with my soul, even as the waters rage around me. In God’s rest I can hear His still small voice. Worries fade as I focus on Jesus. Anxieties lose significance in the presence of his glory.

What Does Scripture Say?

Philippians 4:6 – Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.

Put fear where it belongs, firmly under the feet of Christ. He has already gained the victory, dear ones. We know the end of the story. That’s where our FEARLESSNESS comes from.

What Will You Do?

Submit yourself to Christ, where your help comes from.

Is it really that simple? I believe that it is. This place is not our home, friends. Never forget that. This world is broken, and no amount of good we could do can fix it. No amount of paying-it-forward, charitable acts, or attempts to balance the scales can change the destiny of this world. Humanity’s hopelessly sinful condition demanded a substitute, which Christ humbly became for us. The perfect love of his sacrifice is what casts out our fear. Our full access to God through Christ means we can come to him at all times, seeking his face and confirming ourselves to his likeness. Through him we do impossible things.

Oh, that we would show Jesus to the world, friends. In the face of fear, what a testimony you can have! Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.

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