DAY 16


Activity: Use a stress ball or fidget spinner, squish some Play-Doh, paint a picture, dig in a garden, make mud-pies, take up knitting, do cross stitch, whatever you choose to do… be active with your hands.

Oil: Citrus Fresh and Stress Away – the happiest of all combinations.

Why Work With Your Hands?

Repetitive movement can calm our mind and body, putting our motions on auto-pilot so to speak. There’s a steadiness to this type of work that can reset stress levels and encourage mindfulness. The repetition can curb nervous energy, focus attention, and even provide an avenue for connection with others.

It’s not a surprise to hear that stress balls, fidget spinners, play-doh, and other creative outlets can help relieve stress. We did, as you may remember, start this whole adventure with coloring after all. But what is it about working with our hands that is so relaxing?

What Does Scripture Say?

Psalm 56:3 – When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

This verse has served as a lighthouse for me for many years. When I feel the weight of fear closing in, this is the verse I turn to. My heart repeats it over and over as I busy my hands and lean into the rest that steady repetition can bring. It is a truth so simple that a child can understand it. Yet, a task so emotionally-charged that many adults find it difficult to practice.

With child-like faith we declare the God is big enough to handle our fears and trustworthy enough to fully depend on. When we are afraid, we trust in the Lord.

What Will You Do?

Working with my hands, busying my hands helps me remember just how small and insignificant my hands are when compared to the hand of God. He created all things, and through him all things hold together. My hands cannot grasp the depths of his love for me.

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