DAY 19


Activity: Make a list of your fears. Be as specific as possible. [i.e. death of my ______, losing my job, bankruptcy, my spouse being unfaithful, my kids being ______, etc]

Oil: Release. Valor. 🙌🏼

Why List Your Fears?

This sounds like a terrible day!! Why in the world would we do this??

In the seclusion of our mind, fear has the illusion of greatness. It’s louder, bigger, and stronger. Silencing the negative voice of fear is impossible unless we first identify it and combat it with our own voice. You gotta tell it who’s boss, so to speak.

Just the act of clearly articulating our fears can make them smaller. Have you ever been thinking or fearing something, and when you try to explain it to someone you realize how silly it sounds? Though, obviously, that’s not the case every time, the fact remains that getting our fears, anxieties, and insecurities into the light of day changes them. When we get it out into the open, our anxious thoughts can become quieter, smaller, and weaker. When we pull fear out of the darkness of our mind and expose it to the light, Truth can reign.

What Does Scripture Say?

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭139:23‬ – Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

As you ask the Lord to search YOU, what will be uncovered?

The thing is, God already intimately knows you – the anxiousness you carry within is not a surprise to him. The significance in this verse is really in the INVITATION. Your heart is already known by God, dear one. What the invitation does is open YOU up to hearing his voice in the midst of those anxious thoughts.

What Will You Do?

For many years, I would confess my anxious thoughts to the Lord, feel better, and go right back to fear again as soon as another disappointment came. I know I’m not alone in that. Likely, that is the story of many of us. It wasn’t that the Lord didn’t move – he absolutely did – it was that my physical body continued to hold onto those fears. My stomach in knots, punch in the gut feeling, tightness in my chest, slumping in my shoulders, numbness in my hands and arms, you name it. Even though my mental and emotional state was in a healthier place, my physical body manifested anxiousness (without any other physical explanation) for more than 30 years.

Though I heard the voice of the Lord, it honestly was not until I began incorporating essential oils into my emotional wellness that I began to see a real shift. With intentionality and prayer, I was legitimately able to face the fears and release the negativity I had held for so long in my physical body.

Astonishingly, this release LASTED. Trauma and abuse no longer held my body, mind, and spirit hostage. It is TRUE freedom from fear.

Using Young Living oils was a game-changing decision for our family, but particularly for my emotional health. I am the gatekeeper of our home, and I had been letting fear slip in for far too long.

As I researched and learned about the effect of trauma on the DNA of cells, I came to understand that you can’t bury feelings, the body keeps score.

And, as I researched and learned about the action of therapeutic-grade essential oils, I came to understand that phenols, sesquiterpenes, and monoterpenes were the KEYS to re-writing that cellular memory.

It was like a bomb dropped in my brain. My fire ignited. I can’t not tell people about this! Fear doesn’t have to reign!

You really can release the past and move forward. I frequently tell people that it’s not that the memory disappears – it’s not a mind zap thing. Using the guided process of Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), however, it does lose its emotional charge.

You see light breaking through the memory and gain perspective that wasn’t possible in the cloud of trauma. You hear truth that you weren’t even open to in the darkness of fear. It is astounding, life-changing, soul-renewing stuff.

So, today, write down those fears and anxieties. This isn’t a situation where we’re going to ball up the paper and symbolically throw them in the trash (raise your hand if you’ve tried that therapeutic technique).

You’ll need that paper for tomorrow’s activity, and for our AFT Session on Monday evening. If this activity creates anxiousness in you, use Release on your forehead and abdomen or Valor on your wrists to regain calm.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but for now, write those things down. I hope by now you’ve seen my heart and my deep desire to help you walk in freedom from fear. Trust me, it is SO worth it.

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