DAY 20


Yesterday’s Activity: Make a list of your fears. Be as specific as possible. [i.e. death of my ______, losing my job, bankruptcy, my spouse being unfaithful, my kids being ______, etc]

Today’s Activity: Beside each anxiety, write the EMOTION you feel when you think of that fear and the LOCATION of that emotion in your physical body.

Oil: More Release. More Valor. 🙌🏼

This isn’t easy stuff. Emotional work is hard, y’all. Have you ever considered WHY emotional work (going to therapy, for instance) is so often both mentally draining and physically exhausting?

Because the body keeps score.

The thought “I’m afraid of losing my spouse” isn’t just a mental exercise. It corresponds with an emotion. And, that emotion corresponds with a body sensation.

So, fear isn’t “just” fear. It’s the thought “you’ll be alone forever”. It’s the emotion “terrified”. It’s the body sensation of “chest heaviness, throat tightening, heart racing”.

And, at that point, you’re in the moment. You may even have a memory of the last time you felt the same way, either recently or long ago. THIS is when you insert those phenomenal oily tools.

Right at the moment you’ve focused on the fear, you don’t try to explain it away, or cover it in chocolate. You breathe deeply of the (therapeutic) oils you and lean into that memory. You notice what happens. You stay with the process. Most often, people report feeling immediately calmed. Very frequently they report that the body sensation eased and the fearful memory were clinging to faded away.

What Does Scripture Say?

Psalm‬ ‭34:4‬ ‭ – I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

Wait, is it really that simple? Yep. The Lord desires to deliver you! He wants you to walk in the freedom of the Holy Spirit! But, you can’t do that if you’re covered by the cloud of fear. Seek the Lord, friend. See what he says in answer to your fears.

Prayer and AFT are a deadly combination for fear. The action of the oils helps open your mind to receive truth and hear from the Holy Spirit. When they enter the limbic system, the tiny molecules of the essential oil can have an impact on the DNA of cells. Phenols, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes go to work in the structure of the damaged cells (those ones keeping score of trauma from the past) and can cleanse, edit, and restore the cell memory health.

What Will You Do?

Friends, this info is the heart of the Aroma Freedom Technique. And, it’s what I PRAY you will come experience with us tomorrow night. Tomorrow is the final day of our FEARLESS event! I have so enjoyed spending this time with you all.

To join our Facebook community, where all this is going down, hop over to http://Facebook.com/groups/OilThatEmotion

And, take the time to do the work TODAY so that you will be ready to experience real freedom from fear at the end of this 21-Day process.

Put a reminder on your iPhone or Google calendar to be there for our FREE AFT session tomorrow – I will post the link here for those of you following the blog that want to be a part . This will be the last chance for the next several months to experience AFT at no cost. Make it a point to be there! 8pm EASTERN on Monday, 4/30.

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