Talkspace: Therapy For How We Live Today

In a world of digital communication, it was really only a matter of time before psychotherapy caught up. The confidentiality piece and HIPAA compliance, as well as the nuances of rapport-building within digital medium all held back my personal willingness to engage in this space.

Enter: a TV commercial that would change my mind and set me on a course even I hadn’t seen coming.

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that is simple, affordable, and comfortable for clients. This platform has revolutionized therapy in the best way possible, bringing it to more people than ever before. Talkspace utilizes unlimited text, video, and audio messaging in an online environment that is safe for both clients and therapists. It’s bringing psychotherapy to the masses, to the millions of people who could benefit from mental health interventions, but would never set foot into a therapist’s office. This is mental health for how we live today.

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As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a full-time mom, I struggled with how to fit the skills I have into something that would work for our family. Talkspace is a business model built on flexibility.

Y’all, I NEED flexibility.

And, truly, so does the client population I seek to serve. How many moms out there could absolutely benefit from a licensed, trained, and objective therapist who can meet them on their own terms?

Y’all, I can’t even go to the grocery store alone, so the traditional therapy model is out of the question.

Using my therapeutic skills and training remotely while my son plays in the backyard?

Or, while he’s asleep at night?

Or, on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

These are things I couldn’t do in an office setting, but that Talkspace affords to me as a practitioner, AND to you as a client. It truly is therapy for how we live today.

Have you ever experienced psychotherapy? Either in the traditional office setting or online? What was your experience like? How would this medium fit with your lifestyle?

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