Using Oils Before Overwhelm

I have my dear friend, Christi (@dwellingwellmom), to thank for that tagline – brilliant, isn’t it?!

2019 psk emotions versionWhen you are proactive rather than reactive, everything changes.

These are the basic essential oils our family uses throughout the day to keep our minds centered and our hearts on Christ. Being consistent has made the biggest difference, and it’s been easy to do that since we have the tools we need at our fingertips.

These tools are all a part of the Starter Kit now and Young Living has made it SUCH a deal to get started. Physical and emotional wellness doesn’t have to be a mystery – you can put the power back in your own hands.

Do you need to get started? I would love to connect with you personally! Fill out your info below and let’s schedule a free 15 minute consultation call to help you do just that.

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