The Baby Whisperer

Roman Chamomile is back…

aka: skin soothing, anxiousness shattering, ultra chill, lights out, baby whispering MAGIC.

You need this. Like, yesterday.

OTE - Roman Chamomile.png

The aromatic influence of Roman Chamomile can help relieve nervous stress and stabilize restless emotions. Widely considered to be one of the safest oils for infants, Roman Chamomile has been used extensively throughout history for its calming and soothing properties for body, mind, and spirit.

This oil is particularly useful for troubled sleep and is known for its ability to assist with deep and restful sleep. A main component in a number of different Young Living blends including Clarity, Dragon Time, Harmony, Joy, JuvaFlex, Motivation, SleepyIze, and Tranquil Roll-on.

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