Apologizing to Kids

When is the last time you asked your child for forgiveness?

Parenting is not for sissies, y’all. No matter your particular philosophy, there is no “easy button” for raising children. There are definitely times I act or react in a way where I find myself needing to apologize.

For many of us, it’s SO hard to admit we’re wrong. And, when little eyes are watching our responses, it’s even more pivotal that we set a positive example. Humility, Surrender, and White Angelica can absolutely help you prepare yourself emotionally, especially if you or your child struggle with self-control. Apply Humility and Surrender topically on pulse points and use White Angelica in the diffuser or apply on your shoulders. Once you’re armed and oiled, be intentional to make things right with your child.

How-To Make Things Right:

  • 1) Get on their level and look them in the eye.
  • 2) Speak with sincerity and don’t excuse your behavior. Be short, sweet, and to the point. Because, trying to rationalize your poor choices to a child is… well, childish.
  • 3) Be specific and incorporate, “I’m sorry I ___________. Will you please forgive me?”

Sometimes the answer will be a defiant NO. Give them time and engage their heart. Consider utilizing Forgiveness aromatically and Present Time topically on their earlobes (and yours) to soften your child’s emotional state if they are stuck.

You are loved, friend. We forgive because we have been forgiven much. Allow your child to experience the joy of extending mercy to you; allow yourself to experience the freedom of humbling yourself before your children.

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