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Thanks so much for joining in the Live Master Class! My hope and prayer is that by taking the time and being intentional with learning more, you now feel even more confident to use essential oils for emotional support!

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60 Second Aroma Reset for Kids

Everybody needs a fresh start now and then. A reset. A do-over. This is the essence of the 60 Second Aroma Reset, a shortened variation of the Aroma Freedom Technique.

For kids, this technique is especially beneficial. Because the focus is on the individual’s current emotional state, the positive results of a Aroma Reset can be immediate!

Whether they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, brought home a poor grade, or had a fight with a friend, a 60 Second Aroma Reset may be just the ticket for your child!

Depending on the age of the child, they can go through the steps on their own, or be led through the series of questions.

—What is happening?

—How do you feel now? [Emotions wheels work great for this!]

—Where do you feel ___________ in your body? [Use their feeling word.]

—What negative thoughts are you thinking about all this? [Use age-appropriate language as needed like “mean”, “bad”, or “unhappy”.]

—Put 1-2 drops of the Memory Release Blend (Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away) on the child’s palm.

—Rub palms together, cup hands over nose and mouth, relax, and breathe.

—Think about and focus on the situation and how you feel.

—Wait for and notice the emotional/energetic shift.

—Talk about the child’s experience and how they feel about what’s happening now.

—Move on with the day!!

Children can move very quickly through an Aroma Reset or an AFT Session because they don’t have as many negative entrenched experiences as adults often do.

We keep a pre-made dropper bottle of the Memory Release Blend, which makes this process a total breeze! Just use an empty bottle and put equal parts Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away inside. Plus, if your kids love oils as much as mine does, you’re going to see some dramatic emotional differences in your little ones!

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Tell me, have you ever done an Aroma Reset with your child?

Limbic System FAQ

Q: I’ve heard a lot that the limbic system only responds to scent, but I’ve never been able to verify that. Can you explain?


The limbic system is the permanent address of all the feels.

It has a scrapbook of positive and negative memories (the hippocampus) that is guarded by an alarm system (the amygdala).

The scrapbook stores memories based on a common feeling rather than a common thought. So, all the happy memories are in one section, then all the afraid memories are in this other section, etc., and so on. Those emotions are cross-referenced with other things too, such as the literal physical feeling associated with it, and the area of the body where those negative feelings typically reside (grief/lungs, anxiousness/stomach, etc).

(This is why AFT works and you can pull up a seemingly unrelated memory that IS actually related because of how your brain filed the information.)

Now, the alarm system is connected to certain areas of the scrapbook; particularly negative, stressful, and traumatic events. It’s our body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong, that we’ve been here before and it ended badly.

It’s also important to realize that some people’s alarm systems are more sensitive than others. Those with trauma or brain imbalances tend to have a hair-trigger alarm system so that their amygdala is in constant fight or flight, scanning for danger. These people may seem to always be in the feels. The thinking/logical sections of the brain are overridden by the more urgent feelings.

Also, yes, input from any of the senses can set OFF your alarm system. Someone gets too close, something is too loud, something is too smelly, you taste something that triggers a negative association, you see something frightening or traumatic… any sense can trigger the alarm system.

But, only one can switch it off.

Only the olfactory system can connect with the feeling brain (which is being triggered) before it connects with the thinking brain. When I’m triggered, I feel first and think later. For people with a history of trauma, thinking may come MUCH later or not at all. If I’m in deep fight/flight/freeze, there is little that can snap me out of it. This reality has never been more apparent than with my sweet son, who will go to the mat over things that trigger him. I’m not talking about regular stresses and disappointments you can talk yourself down from. I’m talking about a traumatized reaction to an innocuous event. It’s as if there isn’t a choice, because there is no logical thought going into the reaction.

When traumatic stress is truly triggered, it is life or death, you are doing whatever you can to survive. Your brain is telling you to fight or leave and you find yourself acting before you even realize what is happening. That alarm is sounding and turning it off is a challenge. Of course there are ways of retraining the brain and many different psychological approaches. Logic can rule once the incident is over, but the fact remains there will be more triggers. There will be more incidents. There will be more hair-trigger reactions.

Unless, there was a way to halt the process and retrain the brain that lasted.

The most effective, most permanent “off-switch” for that triggered alarm are therapeutic essential oils. The tiny molecules bypass the blood brain barrier and go into the cells. The constituents work like a symphony in the body. The ligands attach to receptor sites that match the same frequency and the cell door opens for business. The molecules do their jobs in the cell, assisting with deleting and restoring correct Information, bringing the body, mind, and spirit in balance.

The best example of this I’ve seen is Trauma Life. Within minutes it halts the fight/flight for our son. Consistent use has meant his past doesn’t dictate his future. He is tasting freedom from the bondage he once was in. He can hear the gentle whisper of truth over the terrible lies.