Navigating BIG Emotions with Little Ones

Oh, mama. I know.

Navigating BIG emotions with little ones is such a part of your everyday, you may not give it a second thought.

Like, really, kid? You’re crying about your socks because they’re itchy?



You’re now afraid to take a bath? Right…

You hit your sister, why…?

And, on and on it goes.

In this video, I talk about a few things to help YOU as you help your little ones navigate their emotional world.

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Screen Time
  • Changes in Family Dynamic
  • Sibling Dynamics
  • Developmental Norms
  • Hormonal Norms
  • Adjustment to New Situations
  • Normalizing Emotional Expression
  • Plus, Essential Oils for ALL the Situations!

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Apologizing to Kids

When is the last time you asked your child for forgiveness?

Parenting is not for sissies, y’all. No matter your particular philosophy, there is no “easy button” for raising children. There are definitely times I act or react in a way where I find myself needing to apologize.

For many of us, it’s SO hard to admit we’re wrong. And, when little eyes are watching our responses, it’s even more pivotal that we set a positive example. Humility, Surrender, and White Angelica can absolutely help you prepare yourself emotionally, especially if you or your child struggle with self-control. Apply Humility and Surrender topically on pulse points and use White Angelica in the diffuser or apply on your shoulders. Once you’re armed and oiled, be intentional to make things right with your child.

How-To Make Things Right:

  • 1) Get on their level and look them in the eye.
  • 2) Speak with sincerity and don’t excuse your behavior. Be short, sweet, and to the point. Because, trying to rationalize your poor choices to a child is… well, childish.
  • 3) Be specific and incorporate, “I’m sorry I ___________. Will you please forgive me?”

Sometimes the answer will be a defiant NO. Give them time and engage their heart. Consider utilizing Forgiveness aromatically and Present Time topically on their earlobes (and yours) to soften your child’s emotional state if they are stuck.

You are loved, friend. We forgive because we have been forgiven much. Allow your child to experience the joy of extending mercy to you; allow yourself to experience the freedom of humbling yourself before your children.

The Baby Whisperer

Roman Chamomile is back…

aka: skin soothing, anxiousness shattering, ultra chill, lights out, baby whispering MAGIC.

You need this. Like, yesterday.

OTE - Roman Chamomile.png

The aromatic influence of Roman Chamomile can help relieve nervous stress and stabilize restless emotions. Widely considered to be one of the safest oils for infants, Roman Chamomile has been used extensively throughout history for its calming and soothing properties for body, mind, and spirit.

This oil is particularly useful for troubled sleep and is known for its ability to assist with deep and restful sleep. A main component in a number of different Young Living blends including Clarity, Dragon Time, Harmony, Joy, JuvaFlex, Motivation, SleepyIze, and Tranquil Roll-on.

Ready to get yours? Click here to head over to the Young Living website with my referral link.

60 Second Aroma Reset for Kids

Everybody needs a fresh start now and then. A reset. A do-over. This is the essence of the 60 Second Aroma Reset, a shortened variation of the Aroma Freedom Technique.

For kids, this technique is especially beneficial. Because the focus is on the individual’s current emotional state, the positive results of a Aroma Reset can be immediate!

Whether they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, brought home a poor grade, or had a fight with a friend, a 60 Second Aroma Reset may be just the ticket for your child!

Depending on the age of the child, they can go through the steps on their own, or be led through the series of questions.

—What is happening?

—How do you feel now? [Emotions wheels work great for this!]

—Where do you feel ___________ in your body? [Use their feeling word.]

—What negative thoughts are you thinking about all this? [Use age-appropriate language as needed like “mean”, “bad”, or “unhappy”.]

—Put 1-2 drops of the Memory Release Blend (Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away) on the child’s palm.

—Rub palms together, cup hands over nose and mouth, relax, and breathe.

—Think about and focus on the situation and how you feel.

—Wait for and notice the emotional/energetic shift.

—Talk about the child’s experience and how they feel about what’s happening now.

—Move on with the day!!

Children can move very quickly through an Aroma Reset or an AFT Session because they don’t have as many negative entrenched experiences as adults often do.

We keep a pre-made dropper bottle of the Memory Release Blend, which makes this process a total breeze! Just use an empty bottle and put equal parts Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away inside. Plus, if your kids love oils as much as mine does, you’re going to see some dramatic emotional differences in your little ones!

Still need Young Living oils? Let’s chat and get you hooked up.

Tell me, have you ever done an Aroma Reset with your child?