Navigating BIG Emotions with Little Ones

Oh, mama. I know.

Navigating BIG emotions with little ones is such a part of your everyday, you may not give it a second thought.

Like, really, kid? You’re crying about your socks because they’re itchy?



You’re now afraid to take a bath? Right…

You hit your sister, why…?

And, on and on it goes.

In this video, I talk about a few things to help YOU as you help your little ones navigate their emotional world.

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Screen Time
  • Changes in Family Dynamic
  • Sibling Dynamics
  • Developmental Norms
  • Hormonal Norms
  • Adjustment to New Situations
  • Normalizing Emotional Expression
  • Plus, Essential Oils for ALL the Situations!

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Is It Anxiety or Normal Stress?

What are anxiety disorders?
How do you know when there’s a problem?
How do you differentiate anxiety from stress?
How do you navigate this topic for yourself and others in a compliant way?

Video education about anxiety disorders from my background as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor below!

Know someone who could benefit from this info? Reach out with a personal message to your hurting friend. Odds are, he or she needs to know you care!

Download the transcript of this video below!

Anxiousness and fear are normal, common human responses to stressors. Low mood is another normal response to a stressor. Some people are irritable or angry or aggressive in response to stressors. These are all normal human responses to stressors.

What makes it a disorder is: “Is it significantly impacting your functioning”?

Tracy Moore, Lmhc