When Lavender Doesn’t Cut It…

Trauma sneaks up on you. If you’ve been through a traumatic incident you instinctively know this.

One minute you’re minding your own business.

The next minute you’re in full fight/flight/freeze.

Whether you’re actually IN danger or only perceiving it doesn’t matter to your amygdala. The guard is up, the battle stance is ready.

The other day my son and I had multiple rough battles in a 12 hour time span. These skirmishes ebb and flow (I should probably start tracking it because I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the moon or growth spurts or food or Tuesdays… I don’t know.).

Throughout this day I was longing for bedtime. Because it meant I could stop fighting, even if just for a moment.

Since it was no ordinary day I knew our ordinary diffuser blend would never cut it if I wanted to enjoy any rest.

I needed sleep so I pulled out the emotional big guns, filled his diffuser, and prayed.

Why these?

Lavender – calming and relaxing oil. Old faithful. It also created a strong foundation for the other intense smells that I paired with it.

Roman Chamomile – superb oil for total chill, especially for kids. Harder to source and has been out of stock in Young Living for a while. But, I’m super grateful to have snagged this bottle (and another) free with my orders last month.

German Chamomile – excellent oil for releasing negative emotions, rage, and anger. Yes, please!

Blue Tansy – releases anger and calms chaotic situations. Calms feelings of overwhelm, loss of self-control, and self-destruction. Check!

I kid you not. This child slept all night long without a peep. That, my friends, is a rarity on par with a pink unicorn. (Kids on the spectrum are notoriously poor sleepers. He’s way improved since we started oils, but no peeps all night is unusual.)

And, how did he wake up?

Like an angel.

I couldn’t believe it!

Praise the Lord!

You’d better believe I put that same blend in his diffuser last night! Hallelujah for sleep!

Put Anger To Bed Diffuser Blend

6 Lavender

5 German Chamomile

4 Roman Chamomile

3 Blue Tansy

We have his epic diffuser that runs for 10 hours, (which is why the large number of drops).

This diffuser is my FAVE and is the one that now comes in the Premium Starter Kit. If you’re not yet getting your essential oils from Young Living, then we should chat, friend.

I wouldn’t trust any other company with my family.

From Struggle Bus to Epic Calm

There are other not-so-compliant names for this roller. However, we’ll go with Epic Calm. These oils in a 10mL roller made for a near-instantaneous calm that brought my emotions back in check.

Driving the Struggle Bus?

#OilThatEmotion, y’all.

All of these oils demonstrate the Seed to Seal process in action, but 2 in particular, Lavender and Valor, are at the heart of the Young Living story.


Lavender is THE Seed To Seal essential oil that started it all. I’ve been to the Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah – some of the most beautiful, well-cared-for land I’ve ever seen.


Valor is THE bravery + confidence blend that truly demonstrates the integrity of the Seed to Seal Standard.

[Marion Ford writes:]

About 4 years ago, Young Living hit a major growth spurt. The company couldn’t keep up with the 150% growth per year. The pressure was on! Our company that prides itself on quality and potency was put to the test.

With this growth the mom and pop partner farm we used to get black spruce from couldn’t keep up with the demand. YL had to find another source that met our high standards.

Young Living found a farm large enough that it would have put Valor back on the shelves. But when tested, the oil came back within the “good” limits but it wasn’t “excellent”. So Young Living passed on it and continued to search. When they couldn’t find an existing farm that met our standards Gary Young decided to plow the field so to speak.

He invested millions of dollars to buy a huge acreage of black spruce up in Northern Canada. They built a distillery and then a water filtration system to ensure the water for distilling was pure. It worked!! Our farm in Canada is magnificently and Northern Black Spruce is producing great oils!!

Then, blue tansy had a bad season and Valor was put on hold again. The test of their character continued….

Rosewood was then found to be close to becoming an endangered species so the search started for an oil that would be sustainable but also have the same qualities as rosewood. Something that would maintain the same properties so Valor would have the same benefits. Young Living found a farm to partner with that provides camphor wood oil which is an excellent replacement for Rosewood. Even the most educated nose can’t tell them apart.

Young Living has lost approximately $100,000,000 (yep, ALL the zeros) by not having Valor available for sale. But Young Living NEVER compromises quality, purity or sustainability to make a buck. They would rather be out of stock than have subpar products for their members.

The blended oil that gives people the strength, confidence, courage, quiet nights of sleep, and supports the body’s ability to align itself is a Member must-have.

I hope you’re starting to see why we trust ONLY Young Living Essential Oils for our family. The Seed To Seal promise is really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the most visible thing that sets he quality and purity of YL miles apart from any other company. But, friend, there is so much more to know. Hang on tight, we’ll go there in the coming days!

Tools That Turn The ‘Tude

A little humor for your day. 🤣

I have to tell y’all – my mood and energy this morning was in the toilet. Big time. Not enough sleep + too many words from the people in my house = grumpy mommy.

Days like these I am thankful for the tools I have to turn my day around! In years past, I would have let my circumstances determine my attitude. I’ve believed the gospel since I was 9, thanks to God’s mercy, my faithful parents, a Bible-believing church, and loving VBS teachers.

Yet, there were many times when I would KNOW the truth of what I should do, but my heart was just bent on evil. I got bogged down by the lies:

You’re not good enough.

You’re not loveable.

You’ll never be different.

You deserve to be angry.

Friends, I believed these things. Walked in these ways.

No longer.

Using essential oils for emotional support has opened my heart and mind to Truth. It’s the same Truth I’ve known for decades, but now have an even deeper passion for.

The Aroma Freedom Technique process was life-changing for me. And, I know it could be for you too.

The Aroma Freedom Technique process helped me replace those lies with Truth:

You are covered with the righteousness of Christ.

You are loved by the Most High God.

Christ has made you new.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Whether you already use Young Living essential oils, or have partnered with another company, I would encourage you to look closer at the emotional benefits. I only use and trust Young Living for lots of reasons, which I’ll be diving into further on the blog in the days ahead.

In the meantime, check out some of my favorites that have huge benefits for body, mind, and spirit.