Driving on the Struggle Bus

Riding the Struggle Bus today because mama tried to do work uninterrupted for 5 minutes.

Y’all, there is panic that sets in when this child’s brain tells him he is in danger. The body keeps score of trauma. I’ll preach it forever. Panic gets shut down immediately by implementing the right tools.

1) Calm voice. Always. Even when I’m frustrated. Yelling engages the amygdala even more and creates an escalated panic that is much harder to calm.

2) Short phrases. Clear directions. Few words.

3) Oils. Always. Trauma Life halts the fight/flight/freeze. JuvaFlex and Release usher the anger out of the body. (For both of us.)

4) Grace. Unending. When I see his behavior for what it is – fear – I know that Jesus gives me the power to speak life and truth. Just as the Holy Spirit does for me in my moments of panic, so can I show grace and compassion to my child. What seems like a personal assault gets put in its right perspective. And I get the chance to be Jesus with skin on day after day, moment after moment.

Talkspace: Therapy For How We Live Today

In a world of digital communication, it was really only a matter of time before psychotherapy caught up. The confidentiality piece and HIPAA compliance, as well as the nuances of rapport-building within digital medium all held back my personal willingness to engage in this space.

Enter: a TV commercial that would change my mind and set me on a course even I hadn’t seen coming.

Talkspace is an online therapy platform that is simple, affordable, and comfortable for clients. This platform has revolutionized therapy in the best way possible, bringing it to more people than ever before. Talkspace utilizes unlimited text, video, and audio messaging in an online environment that is safe for both clients and therapists. It’s bringing psychotherapy to the masses, to the millions of people who could benefit from mental health interventions, but would never set foot into a therapist’s office. This is mental health for how we live today.

See more press here.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a full-time mom, I struggled with how to fit the skills I have into something that would work for our family. Talkspace is a business model built on flexibility.

Y’all, I NEED flexibility.

And, truly, so does the client population I seek to serve. How many moms out there could absolutely benefit from a licensed, trained, and objective therapist who can meet them on their own terms?

Y’all, I can’t even go to the grocery store alone, so the traditional therapy model is out of the question.

Using my therapeutic skills and training remotely while my son plays in the backyard?

Or, while he’s asleep at night?

Or, on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

These are things I couldn’t do in an office setting, but that Talkspace affords to me as a practitioner, AND to you as a client. It truly is therapy for how we live today.

Have you ever experienced psychotherapy? Either in the traditional office setting or online? What was your experience like? How would this medium fit with your lifestyle?

Tools That Turn The ‘Tude

A little humor for your day. 🤣

I have to tell y’all – my mood and energy this morning was in the toilet. Big time. Not enough sleep + too many words from the people in my house = grumpy mommy.

Days like these I am thankful for the tools I have to turn my day around! In years past, I would have let my circumstances determine my attitude. I’ve believed the gospel since I was 9, thanks to God’s mercy, my faithful parents, a Bible-believing church, and loving VBS teachers.

Yet, there were many times when I would KNOW the truth of what I should do, but my heart was just bent on evil. I got bogged down by the lies:

You’re not good enough.

You’re not loveable.

You’ll never be different.

You deserve to be angry.

Friends, I believed these things. Walked in these ways.

No longer.

Using essential oils for emotional support has opened my heart and mind to Truth. It’s the same Truth I’ve known for decades, but now have an even deeper passion for.

The Aroma Freedom Technique process was life-changing for me. And, I know it could be for you too.

The Aroma Freedom Technique process helped me replace those lies with Truth:

You are covered with the righteousness of Christ.

You are loved by the Most High God.

Christ has made you new.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Whether you already use Young Living essential oils, or have partnered with another company, I would encourage you to look closer at the emotional benefits. I only use and trust Young Living for lots of reasons, which I’ll be diving into further on the blog in the days ahead.

In the meantime, check out some of my favorites that have huge benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

Are You In The Tribe?

Taking a breath today after our FEARLESS Challenge to listen in to what the Lord is saying. I’m so encouraged by all the hearts that have been set free during the course of the last 3 weeks. It has been a tremendous blessing to me to be poured out in this way.

Thank you!!

If you’re not yet connected to our Oil That Emotion Facebook Community, come and join us! Whether you’re an Oiler or just curious, I would love to have to be a part of our tribe.

Need to get started with high-quality essential oils of your own? Check out the What’s In The Kit page for more info on making that happen.

Sharing a few of my favorites today for emotional support and #allthethings. Which one do you need most? (All the Peace. All the Calming. All the Clarity.)